Realizing the first standardized 5G NR NTN solution

Join us as we delve into the world of 5G New Radio from Non-terrestrial Networks (NR NTN) and its game-changing impact on connectivity. Discover how this revolutionary technology is set to connect even the remotest regions and propel industries like autonomous driving and broadcasting into the future.


Going live 📅 December 5th at 2:00 PM CET

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Get a firsthand look into the system architecture, key features and technical challenges of 5G New Radio NTN.


During this webinar, we will provide an exclusive glimpse into the features of 5G NR NTN and share insights into the technical hurdles we are overcoming to create the world’s first NodeB enabling 5G NR NTN. With its strong foundation in 3GPP standards, we’ll also keep you updated on the latest releases and their implications for 5G NR NTN realization.

In addition to the technical insights, we will guide you through the considerations for commercial deployment of a 5G constellation. Our experts will showcase our contribution and present a comprehensive overview of the system architecture.


  • Welcome and Introduction to Gatehouse Satcom
  • The Significance of 5G NR NTN
  • Use Cases for 5G NR TN & NTN
  • Exploring Key Features of 5G NR NTN
  • Navigating Technical Challenges
  • Unleashing the Potential: Implementation Strategies
  • Live Q&A Session






Rene Brandborg Sørensen
Research Engineer


Raphaela Oliveira Teixeira
Sales Executive
[email protected]