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We are developing the physical layer (NodeB PHY layer) for a 5G NR NTN solution using our vast experience in this specific field. Our extensive knowledge in building satcom software for decades gives you a more mature and compatible product.

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Depending on the client’s specific needs, our software can be used as part of a suite put together by the client or we can work closely with other suppliers to deliver a complete 5G NR NTN solution. Please reach out if you are looking to join our vast partner network.

Have your 5G NR NTN roadmap verified

Build your business case on a feasibility analysis to enhance the probability of a successful demonstration and commercialization of your future services. We offer comprehensive studies and analysis verifying your roadmap before deployment.

Our 5G New Radio
NTN Software

Gatehouse Satcom is developing the physical layer (PHY) of the NodeB.

The 5G NR NTN PHY module implements physical layer software and control of the NodeB executing on an SDR hardware platform. Conforming to 3GPP release 17, it supports NTN services. It is extended to support regenerative mode being executed on a COTS satellite payload as expected to be included in a later 3GPP release.

Our 5G NR NTN PHY software manages the radio channels used for communication between user equipment and mobile network. When you need connectivity from or to a device (user equipment, UE) the NodeB assigns a dedicated radio channel for data to be exchanged between the device and the Core Network.

5G NR NTN System Architecture

Schematics below show the 5G NR NTN system architecture with green highlights showing our specific area of expertise.
We can deliver the physical layer or an entire NodeB suite through partners.


Transparent Mode




Regenerative Mode



What are the benefits of incorporating NTN into 5G New Radio?
Incorporating NTN into 5G NR will enable true global coverage for 5G devices meaning that 5G devices will be able to roam from a TN network to an NTN network when outside TN network coverage – for example at sea, in deserted areas, or areas affected by natural disasters.
When can I buy a neatly packaged 5G New Radio base station software stack from you?
Gatehouse Satcom is in the initial product development phases of 5G NR NTN software. In addition we are currently contributing to the standardisation in 3GPP and doing architectural considerations on how to incorporate 5G NR. We encourage interested parties to get in contact to discuss potential partnerships and timelines in more detail.
What sets 5G New Radio apart from previous generations of wireless technology?
The major difference will be the ability to serve users in unserved and underserved areas based on standard devices they are already using. Until now this has only been possible with proprietary devices and dedicated services.
How does Gatehouse Satcom contribute to the realization of 5G New Radio NTN?
Gatehouse Satcom develops physical layer for 5G NR NTN NodeB and in collaboration with our partners we offer both transparent and regenerative gNodeB. Furthermore, we contribute to the standardisation in 3GPP based on our satcom heritage.
Is Release 17 all about NB-IoT and how can I make a business case based on the release?
3GPP Release 17 includes specifications for both 5G NR NTN and NB-IoT NTN. NB-IoT can for example be profitable to service providers by the number of devices served. Depending on the link budget it will serve a huge number of devices with limited data transmissions. Gatehouse Satcom can assist you in testing your business cases by doing a study and performing demonstrations. We provide details on expected capacity based on the characteristics of your constellation to be used for building a business case.
Is 5G New Radio NTN more suitable for GEO or LEO satellites?
3GPP 5G NR NTN can operate on both GEO and NGSO satellite constellations. Release 17 specifies transparent mode of operation which means that end-user devices can be served when there is a connectivity between RAN located at the ground-station and the satellite serving the device.
Is 3GPP going to implement and approve DVB-S into 5G NR?

Even as a member of the 3GPP, Gatehouse Satcom does not have full insight into the future evolutions of 5G, but we follow it closely and use our influence accordingly. Changes and additions to the standards are agreed upon between contributing participants. We are also well aware of DVB-S, and in some backhauling solutions DVB-S is used over the satellite link to connect remote NodeB to the Core Network.

Working for a seamlessly connected world

For more than two decades Gatehouse Satcom has delivered market-leading communications software products to the satellite communications industry, and we are looking forward to continuing this role in the new era of standardized and direct-to-device satellite connectivity.

In recent years we have expanded our capabilities to include development of standardized software for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks. As an active member of 3GPP, Gatehouse Satcom is actively contributing to the standardization processes regarding 5G NTN and participating in ETSI and 3GPP working groups.

Together with our clients and visionary partners we are unlocking the full potential of satellite communications creating a seamlessly connected world. Realised through standardized, mature, and portable waveforms.

Reach out to us to initative future cooperation or follow us on LinkedIn to get updates on our development.

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