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The BGAN Application Tester is an essential tool to ensure high-quality satellite applications connected via BGAN, FBB or SBB terminals with test and verification in an emulated and controlled Inmarsat BGAN environment.

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Key benefits

  • Test and demo performance during a variety of network events
  • Validate critical issues with mobility and congestion in your lab
  • Reproduce test conditions, improve, and document your testing
  • Reduce cost and time of test effort – no airtime or line of sight required

Full control of your testing

Set up of test environments and the unpredictability of live network conditions is both time consuming and costly. More importantly, some rarely occurring network conditions might not even be obtainable for you to reproduce and test sufficiently. The BGAN Application Tester (BAT) provides you with complete control of your testing in an environment with specific BGAN network characteristics.

On-the-bench testing

Test and demo terminals and applications efficiently and thoroughly end-to-end in a sandbox network environment. Testing on the bench with the BGAN Application Tester eliminates the need for line of sight and airtime, while at the same time enabling test of any network scenario.

Optimize testing process

The BGAN Application Tester can be used to optimize test processes by offering on-the-bench emulation of the satellite link, the radio access network and the core network, right down to the RF link. By emulating the BGAN network you can test end-to-end in a controlled environment and monitor the effects of a live BGAN network on your application.

Testing of applications for UAVs

Growing dependency on digital solutions has demanded stronger and more effective satellite connectivity on unmanned vehicles for air and sea applications such as UAVs, UCAVs, RPAs, ASVs, and UUVs. It is crucial to test all satellite enabled applications to guarantee the safety and performance of your systems.

Prepare for critical missions by taking satellite enabled application testing to new levels. With a BGAN Application Tester, you can reproduce any scenario and validate all satellite enabled applications.

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The BGAN Application Tester from GateHouse facilitated the Dassault-Aviation process, ensuring early testing of their satellite-based applications in a controlled environment and increasing confidence for the real satellite test phase.

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BGAN Technology

BGAN Protocol Stack

The BGAN Protocol Stack supports all terminal classes defined by Inmarsat and it is integrated into various terminals.

BGAN Application Framework

Minimize the risk, cost, and time of integration of a new protocol stack with the Gatehouse BGAN Application Framework (BAF). The tool includes many mandatory features related to building a BGAN terminal.

BGAN for Software Defined Radio

In need of incorporating BGAN capability on Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms? The Gatehouse BGAN solution for SDR is a complete waveform. Type approved by Inmarsat for the Inmarsat BGAN satellite system. Applicable to any segment; commercial or military.

SB-SAT Protocol Stack (IDRS)

SB-SAT technology enables relay of data from LEO to GEO satellites – Inter satellite Data Relay Services (IDRS) for cost-efficient and real-time connectivity. Reduce time, cost and risk involved in development of an SB-SAT terminal with this proven SB-SAT protocol stack.

Network and Link Emulators

User-friendly tools for testing of BGAN, FBB, and SBB terminals and solutions.

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