Connecting the world through intelligent software

Gatehouse Satcom is an embedded software expert, and we offer communications protocol stacks, waveforms and test tools for terminals, satellites, and network infrastructure.

We have over the years been involved in DVB, DAMA/IW, GMR and many other waveforms, building up capabilities applicable to any satellite communications waveform. Throughout our history the common denominator has always been mission critical, mature, and portable communications software for the satellite industry.

In recent years we have expanded our capabilities to include development of standardized software for 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks. As an active member of 3GPP, Gatehouse Satcom is actively contributing to the standardization processes regarding 5G NTN and participating in ETSI and 3GPP working groups.

Innovation is in our DNA and at the core of what we do every day. Rooted in our decades of experience, but continuing to expand our horizons, we work towards connecting the world through intelligent software.

Areas of expertise

  • Communication protocols: Data Link, Medium Access Control, Network and Transport layers. UMTS non-access stratum layers (CC, SS, SMS, SM, RABM, MM, GMM), BGAN adaptation layer, Inmarsat Air Interface (IAI and IAI2), DVB-S2, TCP/IP, GSM/GPRS, PDCP, TCP PEP, GMR-1, GMR-2
  • Satellite communication, system and terminal design and operational aspects
  • Conformance and performance test of satellite communication terminals using communication protocol test equipment and system emulators
  • Physical layer design and implementation
  • Software defined radio implementation (SCA and non-SCA)
  • Protocol stack design and implementation
  • Embedded micro-controller based systems. Porting of software to specific Board Support Packages and Operating Systems
  • FPGA and DSP design and implementation
  • Structured testing including conformance testing and stress testing
  • Automated testing

Network Protocols

We have a broad knowledge and knowhow regarding network protocols through being part of the ongoing work on specifications in the Inmarsat BGAN-system, and also through making test and emulation tools for the Global Xpress network. Gatehouse has encountered a vast amount of edge cases over the years, both analysing signal errors and other bugs, and also finding the neat solutions to implement.

Based on DAMA/IW concepts, Gatehouse Satcom developed a protocol which is a tailored solution for tactical radio systems. It can be used in a wide range of similar systems and is open for adaptation to specific system requirements.

DAMA/IW is a well-proven standard used throughout the world in many applications. Through Gatehouse Satcom’s extensive experience, DAMA/IW can be updated and applied in many up to date scenarios.

The possibilities for improvement and expansion in most networks via the network protocols are vast and we continuously work to perfect our products and offerings in this area.

Terminal waveforms

Over the past couple of decades, we have honed our skills in working with waveforms for the terminal side. Our knowledge is based upon dozens of projects such as government proprietary systems, BGAN terminal software in different varieties, DVB-protocols and in the older versions GMR.

There are many aspects to consider when developing a terminal for satellite communications, and we have extensive experience with all the elements that are needed. We can advise on almost any aspect, or we can, through our network, find the right people to cooperate with.

Over the years we have built an understanding of the technologies, techniques and setups that work well across different waveforms to ensure flexibility and performance.

We are currently deeply involved in standardized waveforms, through our involvement with 3GPP and ETSI, and the work currently taking place regarding 5G NTN standardization.

Let’s get in touch

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