Emulate 5G NTN connectivity in a controlled sandbox environment

Confirm or tweak 5G NTN performance before making it commercially available. We can provide a controlled and fully configurable environment so that it is possible to emulate various real-world scenarios to validate analysis and feasibility studies based on theoretical simulations. Thereby you have valuable insights into system behaviour and final business case before investing in a full commercial system and actual launch of the planned 5G NTN service.

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Key benefits

  • Emulate 5G connectivity in a controlled sandbox environment
  • Validate payload hardware platform
  • Validate system capacity
  • Validate system performance in case of signal degradation, traffic shaping, congestion, and more
  • Create, execute, reproduce, and document test scenarios
  • Customization of for example antenna pointing and beam forming
  • Qualify system architecture prior to infrastructure investments and launch

What is a NEMU?

The 5G NTN Emulator (NEMU) is a software product to be executed on a hardware platform provided by the customer. It includes a waveform or physical layer emulator and a scripting interface for control, signalling and observing what is received. It executes on the target communication payload hardware, and it is operated using the existing satellite bus. This can be applied both in lab with the use of a flatsat or in-orbit after launch.

Test performance with full end-to-end test capabilities

The test framework is used for testing link performance and covers full end-to-end tests.

The full end-to-end test capability allows a variety of users to benefit from the test framework including

  • UE development
  • Application development
  • Infrastructure development

The test framework allows both development for 5G NTN transparent mode and regenerative mode.


Is it possible to emulate 5G NB-IoT network links?

Yes, it would be possible to do real-life testing with our in-orbit emulator. Gatehouse Satcom offers tools for both off-air and in-orbit testing that can create controlled and fully configurable environments to emulate various real-world scenarios. 

Will there be any change in maximum coupling loss as the link budget increases?

Yes, the MCL is defined as a linear function of the link budget. As the distance to the satellite increases so does the satellite lifetime and the cost to launch the satellite into orbit. Thus, it is natural to assume that satellites launched to greater distances are equipped more expensively with a larger power budget for the RAN and antenna dishes which are more directive and have larger aperture sizes, which limits noise.

Are there standardized models for fading simulation made by 3GPP as well?

Yes, 3GPP has standardised CDL and TDL fading models for NTN based on the “IST winner II” model.

5G NTN Network Emulator

Gain a competitive advantage

Let us help you enable your 5G NTN roadmap. By using our proven satellite 5G solution you will:

  • Gain easy access to satellite networks
  • Shorten your time to market and reduce risk
  • Save money and improve your business case

Normally, it takes years and cost a lot to develop a reliable and advanced protocol stack for a 24/7 working satellite service.

By using an already proven solution, you can focus on your business and serving your clients instead of dealing with technical difficulties.

Products for any phase of your 5G NTN roadmap


Building your business case on a thorough technical feasibility analysis will enhance the probability of a successful demonstration and commercialization of your future 5G NTN service. The feasibility study will be tailored to your specific challenges but will generally include system capacity calculations, performance trade-offs and suggestions on how to maximize performance under the chosen link/fading conditions and network configuration.


Once you have a business case defined you will enter the demonstration phase. In this phase you will likely perform both off-air as well as on-air demonstrations to confirm and tweak 5G NTN performance before making it commercially available. For off-air testing you can apply a tool such as the 5G NTN Network Emulator (NEMU) for low risk and low cost testing in a fully simulated and controlled environment. Once you are ready to perform in-orbit testing, you will need to have a 5G NTN NodeB installed on your satellite(s), which we can offer on a trial basis before entering into commercial deployment.


Are you a satellite operator looking to offer 5G NTN enabled services, our 5G NTN NB-IoT NodeB software will allow you to do just that – and with a fast time to market. Our 5G NTN NB-IoT NodeB software is 3GPP compliant, mature and commercial off-the-shelf. We have decades of experience with developing and maintaining satellite communications protocol stacks and through our seat in ETSI and 3GPP, we have an optimal vantage point for delivering the software to power 5G NTN connectivity.

5G technology

UE Software

The 5G NTN UE software is for terminal manufacturers that want to develop and manufacture a 5G NTN capable terminal based on an SDR hardware platform.

NodeB Software

The 5G NTN NodeB software can be applied in either a test set up or deployed into a commercial satellite system. The software is 3GPP compliant, mature and commercial off-the-shelf.


The 5G NTN Network Emulator provides a controlled environment to emulate various real-world scenarios to validate analysis and feasibility studies.

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