Does 5G NB-IoT NTN standard require synchronous connectivity between the device and the NGSO network?

Category: 5G NTN Technical

Yes, several procedures require synchronous connectivity between device and the network core. There is a study item on agenda for R19 on store and forward functionality. This is to mitigate the issue of discontinuous feeder links i.e. ground connectivity for delay tolerant applications.

What are the currently considered strategies for dealing with the Doppler drift in the NGSO setting ? Are UE supposed to precompensate the Doppler ?

Category: 5G NTN Technical

Yes, in Rel-17 the UE will handle the compensation. In the downlink the UE will synchronize to the Doppler shifted NPSS/NSSS signals as usual, it will then decode an ephemeris (a description of the serving satellite’s orbit accurate for a moment, say 1 sec) which will allow the UE to precompensate for the Doppler effect when it transmits in the uplink direction (RACH/PUSCH). This will be the way for NTN IoT (NB-IoT and eMTC) and also NTN NR.

Are you expecting to support multicast by satellite for 5G IoT devices?

Category: 5G NTN Technical

Yes as a future feature. The roadmap for our 5G NB-IoT waveform is prioritised according to our customer needs.

Can ray tracing be done for different areas, mountains, ocean, desert?

Category: 5G NTN Technical

Yes, ray tracing can be done for different terrain and geographic locations. We can also create specific scenarios or use 3GPP fading models.

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