Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN)

Gatehouse Satcom offers several BGAN technology products – ranging from embedded communications software to test tools. We have a long-term cooperation and partnership with Inmarsat and have supplied the complete BGAN Protocol Stack (including UMTS NAS) as a reference implementation used to validate Inmarsat MTR scripts and associated type approval equipment.

Broadband Global Area Network is a Satellite-based communication network with global coverage offered by Inmarsat. It is used by independent service providers to offer a range of voice and broadband services. The service enables delivery of Internet content, video-on-demand, video conferencing, fax, e-mail, voice, and VPN access at speeds up to 800 kbps accessed via a small, lightweight satellite terminal.

BGAN Products

BGAN Protocol Stack

Need to rapidly deliver a high-quality product to market? The BGAN Protocol Stack got you covered.

BGAN Application Framework

Minimize the risk, cost, and time of integration of a new protocol stack with the Gatehouse BGAN Application Framework (BAF). The tool includes many mandatory features related to building a BGAN terminal.

BGAN for Software Defined Radio

In need of incorporating BGAN capability on Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms? The Gatehouse BGAN solution for SDR is a complete waveform.

SB-SAT Protocol Stack (IDRS)

SB-SAT technology enables relay of data from LEO to GEO satellites – Intersatellite Data Relay Services (IDRS) for cost-efficient and real-time connectivity.

Network and Link Emulators

Gatehouse is a one-stop shop for off-air test tools for any satellite communications terminal or solution.

How does Gatehouse’s protocols match Inmarsat’s services?

Inmarsat provides a number of broadband services based on BGAN technology and their reliable and global L-band network, Inmarsat ELERA. The services are offered under the names of:

And they are all served by Gatehouse’s Inmarsat Protocols:

So even though the naming is different, the services offered match the Inmarsat portfolio.

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