Verify Global Xpress applications’ performance in any scenario

The Global Xpress Link Emulator is a one-box-solution that replaces terminal, satellite link and ground station. All you need to set up a test or demonstration of your Global Xpress applications is the Global Xpress Link Emulator box incl. software, a laptop to run the Global Xpress application, an Internet connection and cables to connect.

The Global Xpress Link Emulator enables application testing and verification on an emulated Global Xpress link, as if the user is connected via the live Global Xpress network. You configure the Global Xpress Link Emulator through a web server, embedded in the Global Xpress Link Emulator hardware unit. The web user interface allows the user to set up a range of real-life scenarios such as network congestion and bandwidth degradation. The application’s performance and throughput are presented as visual graphs and counters.

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Key benefits

  • Global Xpress network and terminal ‘in a box’
  • Network specific application testing
  • Ideal for indoor demo and test of applications
  • Avoid exposure on the live network
  • Test and document performance of applications
  • Assure quality in any network scenario (e.g. signal degradation, traffic shaping, queuing, QoS, congestion)

Controlled environment

The Global Xpress Link Emulator enables you to verify your GX solutions’ functionality in any scenario – without use of a terminal and airtime. Due to the closed test environment the risk of exposure on the live Global Xpress network is also eliminated.

User-friendly and cost-effective

The tool offers a user-friendly network sandbox environment and facilitates exchange of IP data via an emulated Global Xpress connection providing Global Xpress specific emulation of service plans, bandwidth and latency. This allows you to test more efficiently and at a lower cost, compared to on-air testing, as you can set up and reproduce the exact network conditions you want to test as many times as you need.

Test any and all scenarios

On the live network, you will undoubtedly encounter varying Quality of Service. Factors such as weather fade, terrain or less than optimal equipment may lead to latency, jitter, dropout or just generally low bandwidth. Applications must be designed to cope with these many variable factors and still produce a useful response to the user. The Global Xpress Link Emulator allows you to test any scenario necessary with different levels of signal degradation.

See the GLE in action

Learn about the Global Xpress Link Emulator by watching these videos:

  • Interface: This video is an introduction to basic operation of the Global Xpress Link Emulator, the menus and how to monitor the behaviour of the emulated link.
  • Channel: Learn how to set up bandwidth and delay for the up- and downlink. This video also shows how to set up channel degradation (SNR), weather fades, beam handovers and blockage.
  • Congestion: Learn how to set up congestion and emulate data traffic from other users to see how it affects your available bandwidth.
  • Subscription: Finally, learn how to select a pre-defined or set up you own Inmarsat GX subscription plan, including subscribed bandwidth.


We recommend that new GX applications and solutions are thoroughly tested in any number of network scenarios and in different bandwidth conditions before being introduced to the market.
Olaf Rostbakken, Director of GX Simulation and Modelling, Inmarsat

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