Inter satellite communications enabled by software

SB-SAT technology enables relay of data from LEO to GEO satellites – Intersatellite Data Relay Services (IDRS) for cost-efficient and real-time connectivity. Reduce time, cost and risk involved in development of an SB-SAT terminal with this proven SB-SAT protocol stack.

The Gatehouse SB-SAT protocol stack is an adaption of the market-proven BGAN Protocol Stack which has been deployed in more than 120,000 end-user terminals for land, maritime and aeronautical uses.

SB-SAT Protocol Stack is complemented with a test suite for efficient development and qualification. SB-SAT is based on the aeronautical terminal classes and provides additional features for use in low-earth orbit.

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  • IP connectivity up to 492 Kbit/s
  • Antenna pointing
  • Beam handover and satellite switching
  • Predictive handover at spot-beam boundaries
  • Accurate return link burst timing based on orbit extrapolation
  • Predictive Doppler compensation

Low risk alternative

The Gatehouse SB-SAT Protocol Stack for Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellites is a low risk alternative to a key component in development of an SB-SAT terminal, as it is based on the proven BGAN Protocol Stack which has more than 120.000 terminal licenses under its belt.

Global, continuous connectivity

The SB-SAT Protocol Stack is a mobile device protocol stack for use on LEO Satellites, and in combination with Inmarsat’s I4 and I6 network of GEO-stationary satellites, it enables global and continuous connectivity to LEO satellites.

Reduce development time

With the SB-SAT Protocol Stack, you efficiently reduce the uncertainty related to development of a new terminal, hereby saving you both time and expenses.

Full simulations

The protocol stack is fully conformance tested applying Inmarsat test requirements and is validated by full-orbit simulation using the Gatehouse BGAN Network Emulator. The capabilities of the emulator allow set-up of realistic orbits with full simulation of beam-to-beam handovers and satellite switches.

The maturity of the protocol stack combined with the availability of efficient test tools ensures optimal foundation for an efficient and smooth integration process.

BGAN Technology

BGAN Protocol Stack

The BGAN Protocol Stack supports all terminal classes defined by Inmarsat and it is integrated into various terminals.

BGAN Application Framework

Minimize the risk, cost, and time of integration of a new protocol stack with the Gatehouse BGAN Application Framework (BAF). The tool includes many mandatory features related to building a BGAN terminal.

BGAN for Software Defined Radio

In need of incorporating BGAN capability on Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms? The Gatehouse BGAN solution for SDR is a complete waveform. Type approved by Inmarsat for the Inmarsat BGAN satellite system. Applicable to any segment; commercial or military.

Network and Link Emulators

User-friendly tools for testing of BGAN, FBB, and SBB terminals and solutions.

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