New BGAN Carrier Aggregation Feature to be released

We are currently developing a new feature for the BGAN Network Emulator: Carrier Aggregation.
The feature is planned for a mid 2023 release.

Carrier Aggregation
To enhance the speed of connections over the current L-Band, Carrier Aggregation offers a spectrum management capability. It enables High Throughput Satellite (HTS) System Communication on Inmarsat Elera (L-Band) network. The Carrier Aggregation will provide support for multiple carriers’ usage both uplink and downlink to increase bandwidth and enable the fastest data connections available for any L-Band solution.

Carrier aggregation is a complex enhancement to the BGAN service. User terminals must now be able to handle many channels at the same time. Channels can be added, removed, and retuned continuously. Received data from different channels must be assembled to one data stream and transmitting data can be spread out on several channels. The many channels increase handover complexity as well. This increase in complexity  makes realistic off-air testing more relevant than ever for both terminal manufactures and terminal users. With Carrier Aggregation the BNE stays aligned with the latest BGAN specification and enables testing the wider and more dynamic bandwidth capability.

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