How 5G NB-IoT for Satellites is Being Realized

The development and testing of 3GPP standard for 5G NB-IoT over satellites – going from a potential to a project

In this webinar, you will learn more about the latest updates in connection to testing and realizing your own 5G NB-IoT projects. IoT devices need connectivity in the most remote areas of the world including areas not covered by terrestrial networks today. 5G NB-IoT networks for GEO and NGSO satellites are the leading upcoming technology, promising service providers and satellite operators a cutting-edge solution that fulfills this market need.

But how can this solution be realized on a technical level? Which challenges are we facing such as latency, frequency, variation etc.? Watch the webinar to learn more about:

1. The need for standardized 5G NB-IoT over satellites
2. Technical challenges for realizing non terrestrial 5G NB-IoT
3. Addressing those challenges: Latest updates on testing and simulations to realize 5G, as conducted by GateHouse SatCom

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