Dassault Aviation optimizes testing of satellite-based communication

Dassault Aviation

Aircraft communication is essential in aviation, not only for safety reasons. This is emphasized by the need to stay connected everywhere in the world, including at 10,000 feet. For industries such as Dassault-Aviation, challenges reside in the reliability and efficiency in integration of such systems. Thus, the testing process and its optimization is a major topic of interest.

Dassault-Aviation is integrating Inmarsat BGAN terminal (L-Band) in aircrafts to provide customers connectivity.

Thorough testing is required when operating with satellite communication. On-air testing is essential to confirm that the developed services fully match the real satellite connections. But early on-the-bench testing is needed to tailor your application to match the satellite network in a more deterministic condition, with the ability to play and re-play different scenarios.

Thus, during development, Dassault-Aviation verifies their mission applications in an off-air testbed with the BGAN Application Tester from GateHouse. It emulates the BGAN Network and allows test under controlled satellite link conditions including network limitation and stress test of the BGAN application. This procedure ensures that the application works under any condition, such as variable bandwidth and high latency

Conclusively, the BGAN Application Tester from GateHouse facilitated the Dassault-Aviation process, ensuring early testing of their satellite-based applications in a controlled environment and increasing confidence for the real satellite test phase.

About Dassault Aviation

Dassault Aviation is a French aerospace company with proven dual expertise as a manufacturer of both military aircraft and business jets. Creator of more than 100 prototypes in the last century, with over 10,000 aircraft delivered to 90 countries.

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Relevant technology

BGAN Application Tester

The essential tool to ensure high-quality satellite applications connected via BGAN, FBB or SBB terminals with test and verification in an emulated and controlled Inmarsat BGAN environment.

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